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GymGlam Giftable

Introducing GymGlam Giftable – the ultimate fusion of fitness and fashion that transforms your workout routine into a stylish celebration of strength. This thoughtfully curated collection is not just activewear; it’s a statement of empowerment, allowing you to exude confidence from the gym to the streets.
💪 Sculpted for Success: GymGlam activewear is meticulously crafted to enhance your performance while maintaining a sleek and sculpted look. The designs contour to your body, providing support where you need it and highlighting your hard-earned curves, making every rep and every pose a moment to shine.
🌟 Fashion Meets Functionality: Elevate your gym wardrobe with GymGlam’s unique blend of fashion-forward designs and high-performance fabrics. Our activewear seamlessly transitions from the studio to the street, ensuring you look as good during your workout as you do running errands or meeting friends post-session.
🎁 Luxury Giftable Presentation: Unbox the GymGlam Giftable and experience the thrill of unwrapping fitness luxury. Each piece is beautifully presented in a stylish box, making it the perfect gift for the fitness fashionista in your life. Elevate the act of giving and receiving with GymGlam’s signature touch of glamour.
🏋️‍♀️ Performance with Panache: Whether you’re hitting the weights, mastering yoga poses, or going for a run, GymGlam activewear is designed to move with you. Moisture-wicking, breathable, and comfortable – our pieces empower you to break a sweat with style and confidence.
🌈 Versatile Styles for Every Workout: From bold prints to sleek neutrals, GymGlam offers a diverse range of styles to suit your mood and workout preferences. Mix and match sports bras, leggings, and accessories to create a personalized look that reflects your unique sense of style.
🌺 Empowerment Beyond the Gym: GymGlam Giftable is more than activewear; it’s a symbol of empowerment. Wear it with pride, knowing that every stride, lift, and stretch is a step towards a stronger, more confident you. Embrace the journey, celebrate your victories, and do it all in GymGlam style.
Unleash the glamour within your fitness journey with GymGlam Giftable – where fitness and fashion collide, and every workout becomes an opportunity to showcase your strength and style. Because you deserve to look and feel fabulous, even when breaking a sweat.


GymGlam Giftable  Contains

  • 1 High impact sports bra 
  • 1 Medium impact sports bra
  • 1 Gym Track Pant
  • 2 Sports shorts panties 
  • Free Surprise Gift
Bra Size

32B, 34B, 36B


L, M, S


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